The plumbing department is one of our largest & most comprehensive sections.

Threaded products include: Galvanized pipe/fittings – 1/8″ thru 2″, Black pipe/fittings – 1/8″ thru 1″ and Brass fittings – 1/8″ thru 1″.

We offer threading service for all three types of pipe.

Other supply pipe types include: PVC, polyethylene, PEX, vinyl and plastic tubing, and soft and hard drawn copper. All these are supported by a complete selection of fittings.

Drain pipe includes: 11/2″ thru 4″ ABS, 4″ sewer and drain PVC and 4″ corrugated pipe.

A broad selection of faucets, valves, tubular drain parts, toilet & sink connectors, toilet repair parts, faucet repair parts and all the thread compounds, cements, etc. that the DIYer would require.

We also have a good selection of water heaters and repair parts, sump pumps, pond pumps and pressure tanks.

A large supply of water filters, replacement filters and a great spa chemical department have pleasantly surprised many homeowners.