Lawn & Garden

We work hard all winter getting ready for spring, and it really has shown us the viability of a good garden section in McCall. All the best potting materials, fertilizers, seeds and tools will help start your growing season off right. Get your vegetable seeds early and started inside to end up with tomatoes and peppers!

To make sure that everything grows, talk to our sprinkler experts. The sprinkler/plumbing choices here are huge and our staff is expert at knowing how to install everything from massive yard sprinklers to the smallest drip system.

For garden tools – look no farther. We have a great selection of handled tools, sprayers, weed eaters, Sthil chain saws, lawn mowers, and everything else. If we don’t have it – you don’t need it.

We are trying to go green here at the May, but still have a few of the chemicals that you have come to rely on. You will see these phase out as we continue our search for safe, effective substitutes, many of which are already on hand here.

Peat moss, potting soil, manure and topsoil by the pallet are always on hand. We will load it for you, too!

We have recently increased our offerings by stocking lawn furniture. We start out with a good stock in the spring so get in early to get a good selection. Weber barbeques are a huge item for us. We have a truly large selection, good prices and offer delivery and setup to make your summer BBQ party a success.